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The Top 9 Soon-To-Be Extinct Words of 2017


A few weeks ago, we wrote about words that have been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary for 2017 and what made those words worthy to be included into the official lexicon of our language. While looking at the new words, we also came across words that have been deleted in 2017, and the reasons why. As intriguing(…)

Giving Life to Language: How New Words Are Created


Not yet halfway through the year and already Webster’s has added a 1,000 new words to their dictionary. Though the old man Noah Webster himself might have been stymied by words like humblebrag, photobomb and listicle, the lexicographers at Merriam-Webster are encouraging the unstoppable language revolution. It’s true that none of these words are necessarily(…)

Literally, Not Figuratively: When, How, and Why Did it Happen?


One of the great things about the English language is that’s so expansive. As a kind of linguistic black hole, sucking words in from all over, it’s a rare occasion for a person with a good vocabulary in English to have to resort to idiom or explanation in order to refer to a singular object(…)

Things You Never Thought You’d Say: Are Dictionaries Dying?


There is often much conflict about which words rightfully and wrongfully end up in the Oxford Dictionary each year. Recent areas of conflict have been the Word Of 2015, which was the winky face emoji, and a very new entry which is the questionable Chinese helicopter, already receiving complaints in the form of a petition(…)

New Douglas Adams dictionary

Beloved author of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams, died 11 years ago, but his legacy lives on. Adams wrote The Meaning of Liff, a dictionary of “things that there should be words for but aren’t”, and his family and friends have now written a new volume called Afterliff. The book will be(…)

Despicable words

We all have a word that we really hate. For my brother, it’s “toilet” – he prefers to use “bathroom”, in the American style. The Atlantic Wire has put together a short dictionary of what they call “despicable” words – here are a few examples: arguably. “What, actually, does arguably mean? Indisputable? Able to be(…)

ExecuSpeak dictionary

Struggling to keep up with all the new jargon whilst studying for your MBA? Or perhaps you’re in a new job and want to impress your boss? The ExecuSpeak dictionary could be for you! Their slogan is “because business is another language” and promises that the dictionary is “easy to use, easy to read, easy(…)

Get your word in the dictionary!

Have you ever wanted to see that special word you and your friends use featured in the dictionary? Now’s your chance! The Collins Dictionary are inviting submissions from the public for the first time. You can submit your word online, and it will go through an evaluation process. If your word is accepted it will(…)

California claims some phrases

When I think of California, I think sun, surf, beaches and fun times. I haven’t been there (yet!) but I can certainly image it as a place you’d have to invent new words for. And it seems my imagination is right – The Dictionary of American Regional English shows there are a few phrases Californians(…)