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Twitter’s Biggest Celebrities Have The Baddest Grammar


When potentially good tweets go grammatically bad, it sends a little shiver of sadness through the education system’s hearts and minds. Not to mention a tinge of embarrassment across the cheeks of some celebrity parents. These five famous stars have all been in the public spotlight lately; not for their successful careers, but because of(…)

Rise of the Twitterbot: A Modern Language App for Good and Evil


Twitter is one of those things that you either get or you don’t. Some see it as a place where everyone spends their time telling people what they’ve eaten for breakfast and others hail it as a great forum for sharing ideas and connecting with people with similar interests. Twitter has been around for nearly(…)

Poetic tweets

Think Twitter is just people posting about what they had for lunch? You may be right – and wrong. A new Twitter account takes tweets and turns them into poetry. So the mundane becomes something oddly beautiful. @Pentametron is an automated account that uses algorithms to turn tweets into an iambic pentameter poem (see picture).(…)

Twitter’s new languages

Twitter is a useful language-learning tool, and now it’s available in more languages! It’s just launched in simplified and traditional Chinese, Tagalog, Malay and Hindi, bringing the total number of language available to 17. Other languages that will soon be added to Twitter’s translation center are Danish, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Norwegian and Finnish. Twitter relies(…)