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Top 7 Must-Do Tourist Activities in Mexico


Mexico offers visitors hundreds of destinations, from major cities to tucked away villages. Likewise, the number of activities to choose from can be overwhelming. If you’re planning a trip to Mexico soon, here are 7 of the top activities you’ll want to consider for a truly memorable experience: 1) Snorkel with turtles in Playa del(…)

11 Things to do as a Tourist in Peru


For the adventure-seeking traveler, Peru is the land of opportunity. Whether you want to chill on a remote beach, explore centuries-old ruins, or see one of the rarest animals on the planet, it’s all possible in Peru. Here are our top 10 tourist activities for a journey to Peru: 1) Learn the Lingo South America(…)

A Tourist’s Top 7 Things to Do in South Africa


Can you hear the call? See the sun rising up over the savannah? Picture Rafiki raising a little lion cub in his arms above the animal kingdom? While you won’t necessarily feel like you’re on the set of The Lion King, I can safely say South Africa won’t disappoint. The country is a motley collection(…)