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Don’t Skip out on South Africa’s 7 Must-Dos


South Africa is a country full of diversity. From the rolling hills of KwaZulu-Natal to the white sand beaches of the Western Cape, it offers a special something for every traveler. Are you planning a trip to the Africa’s southern-most country? Check out our list of seven things to do on your next visit to Mzansi.(…)

A Tourist’s Top 7 Things to Do in South Africa


Can you hear the call? See the sun rising up over the savannah? Picture Rafiki raising a little lion cub in his arms above the animal kingdom? While you won’t necessarily feel like you’re on the set of The Lion King, I can safely say South Africa won’t disappoint. The country is a motley collection(…)

Afrikaans – Another Language Kicking the Bucket?


Touching down on South African soil is a rare and cherished occurrence for me, being the wandering vagabond of the family. Every time I do, I’m met with those pleasant familiarities – the smell of meat on the braai (South African barbeque), the heat rising off the ground in waves (I try to only go(…)