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Language Learning: If Gestures Could Talk


Are you a hand-speaker? Do you punctuate your sentences with wide, sweeping arm gestures, or sharp hand cuts through the air signaling an end of subject? Then maybe this will, uh, speak to you! Gesticulating In truth, a lot of us gesture when we speak. Watching someone get flustered with their argument or passionate about(…)

Dating in Japan: Express Yourself (& Impress Others) in Japanese


Japanese dating culture can be a minefield for people who aren’t familiar with the culture. Politeness and cultural hierarchies dictate very specific language to be used (along with certain rules) that should be kept in mind while exploring you romantic interests. Perhaps you’d like to tell your Japanese-speaking romantic interest how you feel? How about(…)

iPad to help humans communicate with dolphins?

People have long been fascinated by dolphins – loveable, friendly creatures like Flipper. Now scientists are apparently one step closer to communicating with them – with the help of the iPad. A two year old dolphin called Merlin is the object of a study conducted by a non-profit firm called Global Heart. The study aims(…)