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The English Effect


The British Council is currently celebrating the English language, as spoken both in the UK and overseas. One in seven of the world’s population are learning English – that’s over 1.5 billion people! The British Council’s video ‘English and me’ shows people from all over the world saying what the English language means to them.(…)

Words we should revive

Have you ever thought “Hey. What’s the word for freshly melted snow? No… not slush.” Well, it’s snowbroth! Yep, according to this Buzzfeed article, snowbroth dates from the 1590s and simply means “freshly melted snow”. Not got enough uses for snowbroth? What about snoutfair? It means a good looking person. As in “Ryan Gosling’s a(…)

Moscow has new English-language radio station

Russia is apparently not a very friendly place for the non-Russian speaker. All signs are in Cyrillic with no helpful English translation, although English is the most-spoken foreign language by its population. This may change though, with the launch of Moscow’s first 24 hour English language radio station. The station will mostly play international music,(…)