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Language faux pas


It’s not just us humble language learners that make the occasional faux pas in another language. World leaders do it too. The Guardian has put together this fun quiz of linguistic gaffes – can you guess the correct answers for all of them? In honor of the faux pas, perhaps you could try some French(…)

Foreign accent syndrome


Most language learners work hard to get a ‘local’ accent in the language they’re learning. They take French lessons in New York and practice speaking a lot. For some though, a foreign accent is an unwelcome intrusion. Foreign Accent Syndrome affects only around 80 people in the world, and is mainly associated with brain damage.(…)

The Love Point

Today is Valentine’s Day, and whilst you contemplate whether to pay full-price for candy today or wait until it’s discounted, why not also think about some obscure punctuation marks? The one that is particularly relevant today is the Love Point, which looks a little like two question marks facing each other. Proposed in 1966 by(…)

Gmail – now in Cherokee

Google search in Cherokee has been around for a while. Now Cherokee is available in Gmail too! Both include a virtual keyboard that you can use to type the writing system invented by Sequoyah. The project arose when the Oklahoma Cherokee population found that no one under 40 spoke conversational Cherokee. The Cherokee Nation decided(…)