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Speak Google

Google is one of the most widely used search engines in the world. It’s so popular, that “google” (as in “google it”) became an dictionary-recognised verb in 2006. But what about if you’re overseas and want to tell someone to “just google it already?” If they speak English, you’re in luck. If they don’t, you(…)

What’s the Swedish Chef saying?

The Muppets have enduring popularity, both in America and around the world. But there’s one question it seems everyone asks – what exactly is the Swedish Chef saying?? Well, apparently Swedish people get asked that question a lot, and their answer is nothing Swedish. To Swedish people he sounds Norwegian. Actually he’s speaking gibberish! Slate(…)

New Latin academy

The Pope is planning to set up a new Latin academy to promote the language. Until the 1960s Vatican documents were only published in Latin but usage has waned. Currently a small team promotes the language but the academy is expected to team up with academics to better “promote the knowledge and speaking of Latin,(…)

Refugee languages documented

A university programme in Idaho is helping to document the endangered languages of refugees. Researchers and students at Boise State are documenting the Kizigua and Maay Maay languages of the Somali-Bantu people. The research project’s goals include giving students some practical fieldwork experience, and producing a dictionary of the Kizigua language. Students are excited about(…)


So you’re in a foreign country, and you stub your toe. What do you say? Well, you could say “ouch!” but why not say it in the local language? Listen & Learn’s fun game can help you do so – click on the picture below to play!

New language inspired by Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert has perhaps reached the pinnacle of his career – he’s inspired a language. Researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois needed to invent a new language for a study, and chose Colbert as the language’s inspiration. “Stephen Colbert has brought new words like ‘truthiness’ and ‘Lincolnish’ into the lexicon,” Marian said. “We had to(…)

Learn while you sleep?

A new study has found that you may be able to learn a skill while you sleep. Researchers from Northwestern University builds on existing evidence that memory can be reactivated during sleep. They found that learning a piece of music whilst awake, then playing it whilst participants were asleep, reinforced the participants knowledge of it.(…)