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5 Tips for Picking Up a Language Again After a Long Break


Taking a break from learning a new language can be healthy, but sometimes a short two-week break can turn into months, then years, and before you know it you’ve forgotten nearly everything you learned in the first place. Maybe you set aside that language so you could focus on another, or you got too busy,(…)

It’s Never Too Late to Learn a Language


There are some of you out there, we’re sure, who read all our lovely articles about learning languages then click out them thinking, that’s just not for me (please don’t do that!!). But we are here to assure you, that learning languages truly is for everyone. Whether it’s time, circumstance, or attention span that is(…)

Meryl Streep says accents are easy

Most of us have trouble with accents. Whether we’re putting on a comedy voice for friends or trying to adopt a Parisian French accent, it’s a bit of a struggle. Meryl Streep has done Australian, Italian, Danish, and a host of other accents over her career, and describes it as “the easiest thing I do”.(…)