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Can You Teach Your Child a Language You’re Not Fluent In?


The majority of parents probably wouldn’t mind having their children grow up speaking more than one language. Whether it’s learning Chinese because of its global influence, or acquiring the native language of a country you’ve immigrated to, learning more than one language is certain to give your child a head start in life. However, many(…)

Ukraine debates status of Russian language

In Ukraine, they take their languages very seriously. A parliamentary debate descended into fisticuffs last week when lawmakers debated the country’s official language policy. The state language is Ukrainian, which is spoken by people predominantly in the centre and the west. It’s been proposed that Russian is elevated to a second language, equal to Ukrainian.(…)

Foreign thinking

Thinking in a foreign language leads people to make more rational decisions, according to researchers at the University of Chicago. Featured in the current issue of Psychological Science, the study found that people have less emotional ties to a foreign language, meaning they have a more rational thought process. Their emotional ties to their native(…)