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Up-close on Canada: An Introduction to Aboriginal Languages


There are over 60 Aboriginal languages in Canada. What do you know about them? Did you know, that only a little over 200,000 people in Canada speak an Aboriginal Language as their mother tongue? You’d be hard-pressed to find many people in Canada who even know these languages exist let alone their wide variety, interesting grammatical structure,(…)

Tlingit revitalisation

Tlingit is a native language of Alaska, spoken primarily by the Tlingit people of Southeast Alaska and Western Canada. An interesting article in a Juneau newspaper explores the efforts to revitalise the language, and reasons why this might not be successful. Among the reasons is the shame people associate with the language and culture because(…)

Last remaining speaker of Nuchatlaht language still talking

In the news recently was the story of the two remaining speakers of Ayapaneco, who do not talk to each other. A little closer to home the remaining speaker of Nuchatlaht, an indigenous language of Canada, remains enthusiastic about speaking the language. Alban Michael is 84 years old and has been speaking Nuchatlaht since he(…)