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Pop vs. soda


We all know there are differences between American English and British English, but what about all the regional varieties in one country? BuzzFeed has written a handy article based on a dialect survey completed at Harvard University, so you can figure out whether you need to call your “tennis shoes” “sneakers” or vice versa almost(…)

Dothraki fun facts


Finding a real language tiresome? Need to take a break from your Russian lessons in Washington DC? Well if you are also a fan of Game of Thrones, you’re in luck as Mental Floss has a bunch of fun facts about the invented language Dothraki, used in the first two seasons of the show. Apparently(…)

Britishisms in America

According to an article from BBC News, British English words and phrases are creeping in to American English. Ben Yagoda, Professor of English at the University of Delaware, has even set up a blog to track them. He’s so far found around 150, from skint to cheers and loo to mate. According to an associate(…)