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The 7 Strangest Foods to Eat in Spain


If you’re planning a vacation to Spain you probably have a full agenda. If you’re going to Barcelona, a visit to at least one of Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces will surely be a highlight of the trip. Going to Madrid? No doubt you’re excited about visiting a world-class museum of spending the afternoon people watching in(…)

Top 10 Phrases for Your Trip to Spain


Barcelona and Madrid may bring to mind sunshine, sangria, beautiful people dancing flamenco and other gorgeous Spanish sights. The food, the people and the beautiful country make this an amazing destination for tourists of every age, and the language can be one of the most beautiful parts of your trip. Though quite a few people(…)

5 Unmissable Kid-Friendly Stops for Families in Barcelona


International travel with kids can be tough at times. Many of the not-to-be-missed tourist attractions are not designed with little ones in mind, and between the long lines, high entry fees, or other restrictions, they sometimes just don’t pan out as planned for traveling families. But if you’re thinking about a vacation abroad with your(…)