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How to Keep Your Students Motivated: A Guide for Language Teachers


Motivation is key to learning a language. If your students are genuinely interested in developing their language skills, they’ll improve much more quickly, as well as create a positive classroom environment that’s conducive to learning. Unfortunately, not all students are as excited about learning a language as you are about teaching it. If you’re dealing(…)

Moving Abroad for the First Time? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Out


If you’re planning some big changes for 2018 and moving abroad is one of them, you’re probably feeling a combination of excitement and anxiety as the new year gets closer and closer. Living overseas can be an extremely fulfilling experience, and definitely the best way to open your eyes to new cultures and ways of(…)

5 Creative Ways to Study a Foreign Language


Because language learning is, well, a type of learning, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to treat it like a graduate thesis. The result is often that you either fall into a rut, get bored and give up, or, most importantly, stop having fun picking up that new tongue! While(…)

Essential Advice for Novice Language Teachers


If you’re a language teacher who’s just starting out, it’s hard to know what to expect. You might be nervous — are you really prepared to take on your first class? Do you really know what you’re doing? Take a deep breath! These are common worries that all beginner teachers face. Our language-teaching pros have(…)