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How to Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes Per Day


We live in a hectic world today, where it’s common to relegate activities because we are too busy. This is true when learning a language such as Mandarin Chinese. Although being bilingual brings about an array of professional, cultural, and social benefits, it is a long term investment some of us may not be able(…)

Spelling bee controversy


You wouldn’t think a spelling bee could be controversial… The winning word at America’s annual spelling contest, Scripps Spelling Bee, was the Yiddish word knaidel, spelled by thirteen year old Arvind Mahankali. America’s Yiddish authority, YIVO, however say that the word is spelt kneydl. Arvind gets to keep his trophy as the bee’s official dictionary,(…)

Untranslatable words

Have you ever felt really lazy, so lazy you can’t be bothered to do anything, go anywhere? Well, that feeling has a word – viitsima. But only in Estonian. A former student at the Royal College of Art in London amassed words from other languages we don’t have in English. The Taiwanese design student collected(…)

Do you live in a happy place?

A new study analysing tweets has found that Napa, California is the happiest city in the US. Researchers found that tweets originating in the city had more happy words than other places, including beauty, hope and food. Coming in last is Beaumont, Texas, whose tweeters apparently swear a lot. The happiest state is Hawaii with(…)