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Foreign accent syndrome


Most language learners work hard to get a ‘local’ accent in the language they’re learning. They take French lessons in New York and practice speaking a lot. For some though, a foreign accent is an unwelcome intrusion. Foreign Accent Syndrome affects only around 80 people in the world, and is mainly associated with brain damage.(…)

Gmail – now in Cherokee

Google search in Cherokee has been around for a while. Now Cherokee is available in Gmail too! Both include a virtual keyboard that you can use to type the writing system invented by Sequoyah. The project arose when the Oklahoma Cherokee population found that no one under 40 spoke conversational Cherokee. The Cherokee Nation decided(…)

How quickly can you learn a language?

A fascinating article in The Guardian tracks how one man learned to speak a language in around a day. Joshua Foer’s learning was spaced out over a few months, using the system Memrise. But he found that he memorised around 1000 words pretty easily, and could put them into use when he was immersed in(…)