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Hep to the Step, Hep to the Lingo: What is Jive?


Language can define a generation; just look at the effect the internet, with sites like Tumblr, Vine, and Reddit, has had on the way we speak today. Groovy vernacular was common in the 60s, while the 80s was rad,  perhaps even tubular. What about the age of jazz during the 30s and the 40s? Whaddya(…)

A New Look at Old Languages: The Indo-European Language Tree


The scholars that have studied the origins of the human vernacular have been of two minds in history; the faction that believes in the cultural scenario of the advancement of human speech, and the stalwarts who believe in the biological scenario of the evolution of language. The Cultural Scenario This is the belief that language(…)

What National Dishes Say About a Nation


Food can say a lot about a country and its people. National dishes in particular can tell us about a country’s staple foods, how it’s been influenced by different cultures and even how important food is to its people. Unlike national birds, plants or animals, national dishes usually aren’t official in the sense that they’ve(…)