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Good news for Navajo?

In what seems like good news for Native American languages, the US Census Bureau has reported that 169,000 people speak Navajo. That figure makes it the Native American language that’s most spoken in homes, but should be treated with caution. For a start, the survey didn’t measure fluency levels – it just asked if a(…)

Cherokee language now searchable with Google

In good news for Native American languages, Google has made Cherokee a “searchable” language. Although Google won’t translate Cherokee websites into English or English websites into Cherokee, content written in Cherokee can now be found using the search engine. An on-screen keyboard will allow characters to be typed in the Cherokee alphabet, known as the(…)

New York’s linguistic diversity – a follow-up

After yesterday’s post on New York’s linguistic diversity, I was pointed to a follow-up post on the New York Times’ City Room blog. This post wondered what the least-spoken languages are in New York. As they point out, no data is available for the city itself, but the census’ American Community Survey has statewide figures(…)