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Have you spent hours and hours learning the language of your dreams and wonder if you could finally manage to use it with native speakers? You have learned all about the language, but would you like to know more about the culture, too? Do you need a vacation but you are not sure where to go?
To answer all of these questions, we have created Language Abroad. We believe that no matter how much time you have dedicated to learning the language of your dreams so far, being immersed in the language and its culture is the fastest and most effective way to master it. Which is why we have partnered with schools around the world for opportunities to live and study abroad.
But with so many cities and schools to choose between, how can you know which one is right for you? Simple: answer the following questions and let us do the work for you! We will find the best schools to fulfill your learning goals and provide guidance on how to enjoy an amazing vacation and hone your language skills at the same time!

What language are you interested in learning?

  1. Is it your first time studying abroad?
  2. Where would you like to go?
  3. City or country:
  4. When would you like to go?

  5. Is anyone traveling with you?
  6. How would you assess your present level of [language]
  7. I don't speak or understand any [language]

    I can say a few basic things and understand short, simple conversations.

    I can understand simple conversations, and can speak a little (with mistakes) on most everyday topics.

    I can speak quite well on most topics, and understand the general sense of most every-day conversations.

    I still make some mistakes, but I can speak quite quickly and confidently on most topics.

    I can understand even complex topics, and speak fluently with few mistakes.

  8. Which type of [language] are you interested in?
  9. What type of classes would you like?
  10. How long would you like your course to be?
  11. In addition to the language, what other things would you find attractive in a location?

  12. Language School:
  13. Do you have any average age preference for the other students in the school?
  14. Do you have any maximum class size preference?
  15. Would you like to be with other students who speak your native language?
  16. What time of the day would you like to have classes?
  17. How many hours of classes would you like each day (Monday to Friday)?
  18. Would you like the school to include social activities for its students?

  19. Accommodation:
  20. Which type of accommodation are you interested in?

  21. In your own words, what would make this language abroad experience truly memorable?