Italian is the most widely spoken descendant of the Latin once spoken by the Romans in the Italian Peninsula, and just like the Romans themselves, Italian has been a key language that has shaped the Western world. Today, Italian is a major language in art, fashion, religion, history and cuisine. On top of that, many surveys regularly name Italian as one of the most beautiful languages!

• Spoken by around 70 million people, according to Babbel, 60 million of which live in the Italian Peninsula.
• The Florentine accent tends to be considered the “Standard Italian” dialect, thanks to the popularity of “The Divine Comedy,” written by Florence’s native Dante Alighieri.
• Italian is the 4th most studied language in the world.
• Italian shares over 70% of mutual intelligibility with the other Romance languages, including over 85% with French and over 75% with Spanish.
• Italian is particularly useful for students, experts and enthusiasts of art, music, design, fashion and cuisine.


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There is so much to explore, eat, drink, discover and learn in Italy that it would be almost impossible to run out of things to do. The country has influenced almost every aspect of Western civilization and it is definitely a place to experience at least once in a lifetime!


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