Egypt is the most populated country in the Arab World. As such, the country is the epicenter for Arabic culture and media and makes Egyptian Arabic the most widely understood dialect.
Aside from the language, Egypt boasts a rich and fabulous history that encompasses over 5 millennia, which is displayed in the hundreds of pyramids, temples, and ruins scattered around the mighty Nile river. Located in the only land bridge between Asia and Africa, Egypt has been in the crossroads of civilizations and Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, French, English, Muslims, Christians, and Jews have all left their mark.
The Nile is still the country’s lifeline, as most cities and archeologic sites are located along its banks. But there is more to Egypt than the Nile: there are fantastic beach resorts on the Mediterranean and Red Seas and secluded oases surrounded by dunes that cry to be discovered.
And while there has been a revolution in the last ten years, the country is back on track and on its feet. Egyptians are eager to receive the tourists they lost so prices are cheaper than ever and the destinations are less crowded, ensuring every visitor a chance to discover the real Egypt.

Why learn
in Egypt?

  • Most widely understood dialect in the Arab World.

  • Shaped Arabic culture and media.

  • Egypt is super affordable

  • Political unrest is long over

Combine language with...

• experiencing the central role the Nile river has had since antiquity by cruising down its waters.
• reading in the modern reconstruction of the Library of Alexandria, one of the greatest libraries of the ancient world.
• lounging on the sun in the fabulous Red Sea’s beach resorts.
• feeling tiny walking past gigantic temples in Abu Simbel and Valley of the Kings.
• discovering colourful corals under the Red Sea warm waters.
• getting lost in the winding streets of the souqs (markets) in Cairo and buying exotic spices, fantastic fabrics, fine rugs, and basically anything you can think of.
• venturing into the endless sands of the Sahara Desert and the amazing oases it treasures.
• seeing with your own eyes two of the most recognizable landmarks in the world: the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx.


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Cairo, huge and multicultural, is almost an open-air museum. The innumerable minarets, the mosques, narrow streets, the markets, the Coptic Museum and the Egyptian Museum as well as Giza with the Pyramids and the Sphinx will leave you astounded. However, Cairo is also a modern metropolis with high-rises along the Nile and the largest shopping malls in the country.



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