Mexico is the quintessential touristic destination of the Americas: a mega rich and diverse pre-Columbian past, a stunning variety of colonial and baroque architecture, sleek and modern cities, fabulous landscapes, beaches and jungles, all intertwined with folklore, arts, and cuisine. The legacy of great and powerful civilizations like the Mayas and Aztecs then gave place to European culture and offer a unique cultural fusion. Add a warm climate and a beautiful geography to the mix and you will understand why Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world.

Why learn
in Mexico?

  • Most spoken Spanish dialect in the world.

  • Mexico is a massive producer and consumer of media and literature within the Spanish-speaking world.

  • Easy to fly to and to move around with one of the most modern flight infrastructures in Latin America.

  • Mexico offers a fascinating and balanced mix of folklore, traditions, history, cuisine, mountains, ruins, beaches, and cities.

Combine language with...

• eating and drinking anything on the menu. There’s a reason why Mexican cuisine made it to all four corners of the world.
• partying until sunrise in Mexico City, Acapulco, Playa del Carmen, Tijuana, and more!
• scuba diving in some of the world’s most fascinating environments including the biggest underwater cave.
• unraveling the mysteries surrounding the Mayans and all the fabulous ruins they left behind.
• worshiping the sun on spectacular beaches, such as Huatulco, Los Cabos, Cozumel and many others. 
• visiting world-class museums in Mexico City, astonishing colonial churches and palaces in Guadalajara, and glorious ruins in Oaxaca and Teotihuacan.
• taking part in country-wide traditions, such as singing along mariachis or decorating cemeteries during Día de los Muertos.
• hiking through the Northern deserts or the Southeastern jungles.


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Guanajuato, once the main colonial silver-mining center, is the baroque jewel of Mexico. The town still looks like the Revolution never came around as windy cobblestoned passageways go up and down a steep valley where cars are mostly useless. Museums, palaces, plazas, and churches are joint by tunnels and steep staircases across the hills, turning Guanajuato into a gorgeous labyrinth.

Mexico City

Mexico City, the massive capital home to around 21 million people, is a small country of its own. Its cultural institutions and museums, astounding gastronomy, history as a capital of three empires, architectural richness, and never-ending nightlife keep every visitor coming back for more.


Guadalajara, the cradle of mariachis, is Mexico’s second largest city and boasts colonial architecture, a more laid-back attitude, and some of the biggest cultural festivals in Latin America.

Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen), Mexico’s prime touristic wonderland, is a world-class destination known for its varied gastronomy, fabulous beaches, pristine Caribbean waters, and intricate Mayan history and culture.  



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