Dilit International House Rome

Rome, Italy

Why choose Dilit International House Rome:

  • One of the most experienced schools in Rome, its teachers have been teaching Italian to foreigners for over 45 years.

  • Member of the International House group, one of the largest global language-teaching groups.

  • Vast variety of add-on classes and specific courses available.

  • Perfect location: really close to Rome’s central train station and near the metro and many historic attractions.

  • Stunning building featuring terraces overlooking the city which offer the chance to have class outside!

Dilit International House Rome philosophy:

Our goal is to offer, in a multiethnic and multicultural context, an environment and atmosphere where every student, day after day, feels welcome and the object of the care and attention of all the school's staff. All services and activities offered by the school are aimed at the well-being of each and every student. Each of us is aware that each student has a dream, maybe tiny or maybe huge. For all of us, helping our students to realize them is our first priority.

Courses offered:

Intensive 15 (15 hours a week)
Intensive 20 (20 hours a week)
Intensive 25 (20 hours a week in large groups + 5 hours a week in small groups)
Intensive 30 (20 hours a week in large groups + 10 hours a week in small groups)
Combined 26 (20 hours a week in large groups + 6 hours a week in private)
Combined 30 (20 hours a week in large groups + 5 hours a week in private)
Combined 35 (20 hours a week in large groups + 5 hours a week in private)
Exam Preparation
Specific courses:
Discovering Rome (15 hours a week of excursions and guided tours)
Italian through Italian Cooking
Italian through Architecture
Italian through Photography
Italian + Italian Home Cooking
Italian + Italian Wine
Italian + Italian Fashion
Italian + Italian Cinema
Italian + Opera
Rome for 30-40 year olds
Rome for 50+ year olds
Business Italian
Italian for Law

“What makes Dilit very special is the staff: All involved and enthusiastic teachers who have worked for the organization for years. They love what they do and Dilit makes sure that they do what they love. This makes Dilit a very lively and professional place to learn Italian.”

Lotte van Santen, Netherlands.
Dilit International House Rome is best for
• College students
• Italian culture enthusiasts
• Ages 20-25
• Students from 60 nationalities
• Max class size: 14  
Main nationalities

1. Germany
2. Switzerland
3. Brazil

Experiences offered for free

• City tours to different spots in Rome.
• Seminars on Italian culture.
• In-school movie nights.
• Aperitivo evenings.


• Guided tours to nearby destinations around Rome.
• Excursions to Pompeii.
• Wine tastings.
• Nights at the Opera.


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