L’Italiano Porticando

Turin, Italy

Why choose L’Italiano Porticando:

  • More mature environment with an average student age above 30 years old.

  • Many free activities with a focus on building up conversational skills. 

  • Fewer lessons (no more than 25 hours a week) to allow for student participation in regular excursions.

  • Unique courses focused on Turin’s role in Italian history and its automotive industry.

  • Perfect location in the heart of Turin.

L’Italiano Porticando philosophy:

Our aim is to provide a specialized center and point of reference for those who want to study the Italian language and culture in Turin. Our city has an incredible artistic and cultural legacy to offer and we want to not only provide our students the chance to learn our language but also experience a destination which is not typical for foreigners.

Courses offered:

Standard Italian 15 (15 hours a week)
Standard Italian 20 (20 hours a week)
Combined Italian 15+5 (15 hours a week in group + 5 hours a week in private)
Combined Italian 20+5 (20 hours a week in group + 5 hours a week)
Evening course (6 to 9 hours a week)
Exam Preparation
Specific courses:
Business Italian
Italian + Literature 
Italian + Architecture
Italian + Art History
Italian + Italian Cinema
Italian + Conversation
Italian + Italian Music
Italian + Tango
Italian for 50+ (A2 level minimum)
Italian for Gourmets (with cooking classes)
Italian Christmas (with cooking classes and tours)
Italian and the Unification of Italy (A2 level minimum)
Italian and FIAT (with guided tours to FIAT factories)

“This is the best language school I have ever attended! The teachers are incredibly friendly and patient with all students of all levels; they took the time and effort to prepare me for my C1 exam. I felt as if the teachers truly cared for me during my time here. Questa scuola mi mancherà molto. THANK YOU.”

Samantha Slais, USA.
L’Italiano Porticando is best for
• Architecture lovers
• Conversation skills
• Ages 30-40
• Over 30 nationalities
• Max class size: 8
Main nationalities

1. USA
2. Germany
3. Netherlands


Experiences offered for free

• City tours and walks through the city, its palaces, and museums.
• Excursions outside the city.


• Wine and chocolate tastings.
• Cooking classes.


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