When in Rome

Rome, Italy

Why choose When in Rome:

  • Small and flexible classes, including some designed for tourists, short-term visitors and office workers.

  • Fantastic location, right next to the bustling and central Campo di Fiore.

  • Small school focused in on delivering a very personalized learning experience.

  • Mature environment, with most students being over 30 years old.

  • Free weekly language exchange meet-ups open to everyone at local bars, open to everyone.

When in Rome philosophy:

Our passion for the Italian language teaching lies at the heart of our educational practice and we aim to make When in Rome a space in which an experienced and qualified team of experts welcomes and supports students from the very beginning to the very end of their course, providing an immersive and discursive environment that helps each student find their best learning pathway.

Courses offered:

Vacanze Short course (6 hours total + 2 hours optional)
Evening Semi-Intensive (4 hours a week – 2 months minimum)
Weekend Semi-Intensive (4 hours a week – 2 months minimum)
Standard Intensive (20 hours a week)
Specific courses:
Italian for members of religious orders (tailored)
Espresso Lunch Hour (2 hours a week)

“I am 74 and have been studying Italian on my own for about 10 years. I took an individual program for two hours per day for 2 weeks with Sara. She found my weaknesses, and we worked on the subjunctive, compound pronouns, and other tough aspects of the language. From the beginning, the school and its teachers provided a wonderful experience. I loved each session. Sara was well prepared with appropriate materials that I have kept, and the sessions were both enjoyable and productive. I would highly recommend this school to older students, as well as anyone else.”

Richard Winickoff, 74, USA.
When in Rome is best for
• Short-time visitors
• Culture lovers
• Median student age: 40
• Students from over 10 nationalities
• Max class size: 6
Main nationalities

1. USA
2. UK
3. Germany

Experiences offered for free

• Italian Aperitivo: weekly language exchange meet-ups in off-the-beaten-path bars.


• Tourist information available on demand.


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