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A Beginner’s Guide to Brazil: 15 Basic Facts You Should Know


Brazil is a hot topic these days, with the action at the World Cup attracting attention even from even those who generally show little to no interest in futebol. With the spotlight on this beautiful country, there’s no better time to learn some basic facts. Think you already know a lot about Brazil? From the(…)

The language of soccer (aka football)

Many Americans may not be aware, but a huge event is taking place this month, starting next week. It’s bigger than the Super Bowl, popular in many more countries than football, yet confusingly has the same name. Except to Americans that is – you know it as ‘soccer’. As the USA is represented in the(…)

The language of baseball

Being British, I’m baffled by American sports such as baseball and football. I’m pretty sure one’s the national pastime and the other is the national obsession, but I couldn’t tell you which was which, despite the best efforts of my American friends. Perhaps then, I should get myself the Dickson Baseball Dictionary, now in its(…)