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Indigenous Tweets – now with Indigenous Blogs!

A few months ago, I posted about Indigenous Tweets, a site that tracks 82 languages. The site recently celebrated turning six months old with the launch of a new service tracking blogs written in indigenous languages. Currently it only tracks blog posts on Blogger but plans are afoot to also track other popular blog services.(…)

Last remaining speaker of Nuchatlaht language still talking

In the news recently was the story of the two remaining speakers of Ayapaneco, who do not talk to each other. A little closer to home the remaining speaker of Nuchatlaht, an indigenous language of Canada, remains enthusiastic about speaking the language. Alban Michael is 84 years old and has been speaking Nuchatlaht since he(…)

Giving indigenous languages a try

Students at some universities are foregoing traditional languages in favour of learning indigenous languages, according to the LA Times. Rather than taking French, Spanish or Mandarin, the students are learning indigenous Latin American languages such as Zapotec, Quechua and Mixtec. Their reasons for taking the classes are varied – some want to work with the(…)