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Word Lens – instant translation

There’s been a lot of hype in the last couple of weeks about Word Lens, a new iPhone app that offers instant translation. The app works by using the built-in camera on the phone. You point the camera at some foreign text and the translation will appear instantly on your screen. It sounds like magic,(…)

iPhone app mimics mouth

I know a few people who have iPhones, and they seem to be massively addictive, and almost an extension of their arm for many. A new app from the airline Emirates could make the phone an extension of their mouth instead! The free app, iLingual, provides you with useful travel-related phrases in French, Arabic and(…)

Google Translate vs The Humans

An interesting article from the New York Times compares human translation to Google Translate. The conclusion of the article seems to be that Google Translate is useful, but not for translating ‘real’ writing – novels, for example. It does provide an informative snapshot into how Google Translate works: Google Translate is a statistical machine translation(…)

Google Goggles: now helping you translate

Google has recently launched a cool new extension to their Goggles app which is very useful for language learners and travellers. Previously you could take a picture with your cell phone’s built in camera and Goggle would recognise it and bring up relevant search results. So, for example, if you were in London and not(…)