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Traveling to Spain? Take Your Itinerary Up a Notch with 6 Essential Tourist Activities

Spain doesn’t have to work hard to attract visitors. Its exotic and lively reputation makes it a desirable vacation destination for everyone from traveling novices to the most experienced wanderers. Passionate people, impressive architecture, out-of-this-world food and wine, an alluring mix of rolling mountains and cosmopolitan urban scenes…what’s not to love? If you’re among the(…)

Thailand Tourists: 5 Things Not to Leave Home Without!

Whether it’s Bangkok for action packed, traffic-filled adventures or Koh Tao for a more serene, meditative holiday, Thailand has what you need. The fresh fruit, lovely people, and beautiful beaches make it easy to understand why Thailand is nicknamed ‘the land of smiles’. Backpackers and 4 star hotel enthusiasts will both find exactly what they(…)

The Funniest Food Translations

Would you fancy a “plague” of chocolate, or a dish flavored with “a lot of herpes”? Translating foreign words directly into the English language isn’t always such a straightforward process, as these international food items so deliciously illustrate.

Would You Pass A School French Exam Now?

Learn French

Quick online quizzes claim to assess your foreign language skills. While high marks make you feel good, can you trust the results? We examine the value of pop-quizzes against formal tests from language websites to determine how best to test your language proficiency online.

5 Must-Know Bartering Tips For the Latin American Traveler

Encompassing 21 countries, Latin America offers something for every type of traveler. Endless beaches, wild nightlife scenes, family-friendly parks, beautiful natural attractions…the list goes on and on. One perk to nearly any Latin American vacation is that travelers will get to do some unique souvenir shopping. From handmade pottery to delicate textiles, and lots more,(…)