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What volunteering opportunities are in Ecuador?

If you are learning Spanish, there is little better way of picking up the language than by immersing yourself in it. There are twenty countries in the world with Spanish as their official language, including Ecuador; why not soak up the history and culture of this beautiful country by going there yourself? If traveling seems(…)

What volunteering opportunities exist in Argentina?

If you are learning a language, there is nothing like immersing yourself in a country where that language is spoken. And with a language like Spanish, you are spoilt for choice in destinations! Spanish is spoken as an official language in twenty countries around the world, the vast majority of which are in South America.(…)

24 hours of New Year

New Year celebrations fill our screens every year with fireworks displays from around the world. Though have you ever wondered which places get to set foot in the New Year first, and who stays stuck in the past until last? Here’s a glimpse at 24 hours of the New Year; let’s chase those celebrations!  (…)

4 good reasons to learn Arabic in Cairo

When studying a language there is little better you can do than immerse yourself in that language as much as possible. If you have the opportunity to travel, moving to a country where your target language is spoken can really speed up your fluency. So why is Cairo the perfect place for you to learn(…)