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Introducing the man who ‘simplified’ Chinese

Students trying to learn Chinese might be surprised to read this, but one man helped simplify the language by creating Pinyin. Pinyin is the writing system that turns Chinese characters into words using the Roman alphabet; it’s been credited with improving the literacy rate in China as well as making it easier for people across(…)

Twitter’s new languages

Twitter is a useful language-learning tool, and now it’s available in more languages! It’s just launched in simplified and traditional Chinese, Tagalog, Malay and Hindi, bringing the total number of language available to 17. Other languages that will soon be added to Twitter’s translation center are Danish, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Norwegian and Finnish. Twitter relies(…)

World in Words podcasts

I’ve just discovered these podcasts called The World in Words from PRI (Public Radio International) and I can’t believe I haven’t heard of them before! The description of the series is: The World in Words focuses on language. We cover everything from bilingual education to the globalization of English to untranslatable foreign phrases. You’ll learn(…)