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Language faux pas


It’s not just us humble language learners that make the occasional faux pas in another language. World leaders do it too. The Guardian has put together this fun quiz of linguistic gaffes – can you guess the correct answers for all of them? In honor of the faux pas, perhaps you could try some French(…)

The English Effect


The British Council is currently celebrating the English language, as spoken both in the UK and overseas. One in seven of the world’s population are learning English – that’s over 1.5 billion people! The British Council’s video ‘English and me’ shows people from all over the world saying what the English language means to them.(…)

Games For Practice


Learning new vocabulary is essential to improving your language skills. One way to improve is through online quizzes and games. Word Dynamo, which is linked with, has a number of games for you to try at different grade levels, for different subjects and for test prep. It also offers tests in Latin and Spanish!(…)

Dance dictionary


Sometimes the spoken word just isn’t enough. Which is why Puma has got some of the world’s top freestyle dancers together to create a Dance Dictionary. The dancers have translated words into moves, and you can edit together these words to create a whole sentence. Pretty cool huh? Check it out in the video below.(…)

Talk Like Shakespeare Day


I may have missed Talk Like Shakespeare Day by a couple of weeks, but it’s never really too late to celebrate the Bard! Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel officially proclaimed April 23rd 2013 “Talk Like Shakespeare Day” in honour of the man’s 449th birthday. Some guidelines for celebrating the day include: 1. Instead of you, say(…)


So you’re in a foreign country, and you stub your toe. What do you say? Well, you could say “ouch!” but why not say it in the local language? Listen & Learn’s fun game can help you do so – click on the picture below to play!

Scrabble help

Scrabble is a great game for improving your vocabulary, both in your native and target languages. There’s nothing like a bit of competition to act as an incentive to learn. According to a Lifehacker article, they key to winning at Scrabble is knowing all the two letter words. Doesn’t sounds too hard, right? Well, there’s(…)

Scrabble player? Beware of new words!

You may have heard the recent news that Scrabble is adding nearly 3,000 new words to a lexicon, including some slang terms. But don’t be afraid: they’re only for use outside of North America. Collins Official Scrabble Words governs play outside of North America, whilst in the US and Canada competitive Scrabble is ruled by(…)