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5 great TV and radio shows for learning Mandarin

Learning Mandarin? Why not use TV and radio shows to help your studies? Click here to discover the best TV and radio shows to learn Mandarin!

When you are learning a language sometimes it is sometimes difficult finding resources that are interesting. Textbooks tend to be outdated, and the material for language learners can, at times, be dull. So this is where radio and TV come in! Why not learn using tools you use every day already? Here are some suggestions(…)

4 great TV and radio shows for learning Spanish

TV and radio programmes can be a great addition to your studies if you’re learning Spanish. Not only are they short blasts of music, news, or information that you can fit into your schedule, but they are up to date and interesting. There is little more off-putting than an outdated textbook from decades past, after(…)

4 TV and radio shows for learning English

Learning English? Why not use TV and radio shows to help your studies? Click here to discover the best TV and radio shows to learn English!

If you want real sources to pick up your target language from, TV and radio can be some of the best places to start. Your lessons can be as involved as you choose to make them; translate what you’re hearing word for word, or have it play in the background so the language is absorbed.(…)

4 fantastic websites to learn Arabic

Learning Arabic? Check out this compilation of amazing webites to help you learn Italian!

Learning Arabic? Then look no further than the internet to give your learning a boost! There are thousands of websites out there to help you with all your study needs. Let us narrow down your search by giving you some of the best!     Aljazeera   Aljazeera is a great starting point for studying(…)

4 amazing websites to learn Mandarin Chinese

Learning Mandarin? Here are the best websites to help you in your studies!

Mandarin is a beautiful language. However you are learning it, there are always new resources and ways of studying that can help you improve. One of the best places to find such resources is the internet; join us as we look at some of the best websites for learning Mandarin.     Chinese Boost  (…)

Learning French? Check out these 4 amazing websites to brush up on your French

Are you learning French? Click here and discover our list of the 4 best websites to learn Spanish!

The internet has become our go-to place for so many of the things we do in life, and that includes learning languages! Whether you are brushing up on French or already studying and want some additional material to practice with, here are five of the best websites to help you.   Bonjour de France  (…)

6 languages spoken in Spain besides Spanish

You thought that Spanish was the only language spoken in Spain? Think again! Click here to discover 6 languages spoken in the Spain besides Spanish.

Planning a holiday to Spain this year? Why not pick up a little Spanish before you go! Grab a trusty phrasebook or start practicing with your favorite language app; whatever you learn will be understood wherever you visit in Spain. Right? Well, almost. Since there are far more languages spoken throughout the country than the(…)

5 great Netflix shows and films for you to practise your German

Click here and discover 5 incredible Netflix shows and films to help you learn German

Netflix has revolutionised the way we watch all our favourite shows, opening up horizons we never got to experience before now. This is particularly true when it comes to watching shows in languages besides our own. Utilising Netflix to help us with our studies is a great way to expose ourselves to our target language(…)