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To Russia With Luggage – 8 Essentials For A Soviet Holiday


With the world’s eyes on Russia with the Winter Olympics happening in the region of Sochi, it made us think about what we’d pack if we were heading there – as a spectator, not a participant! Of course clothing depends on where you’re going and when, because the country is so huge that it has(…)

7 Russian Dishes Your Kids Will Say “Da!” To


When you think of Russia you may not immediately think of five-star restaurants or child-friendly cuisine. In fact, the restaurant style we have of eating, with one course after the other, comes from Russia. Before we used to eat French style, with everything laid out all at once as a buffet. So we have Russia(…)

8 Mistakes Tourists Make in Russia


  Everybody makes some mistakes when they travel – this is part of discovering the world and experiencing new cultures.  People also, usually, learn from their mistakes.  Locals are often tolerant of tourists’ faux pas, as they understand that different nationalities have different cultures and ways of doing things.  There are some mistakes, however, that(…)

Dothraki fun facts


Finding a real language tiresome? Need to take a break from your Russian lessons in Washington DC? Well if you are also a fan of Game of Thrones, you’re in luck as Mental Floss has a bunch of fun facts about the invented language Dothraki, used in the first two seasons of the show. Apparently(…)

Britishisms in America

According to an article from BBC News, British English words and phrases are creeping in to American English. Ben Yagoda, Professor of English at the University of Delaware, has even set up a blog to track them. He’s so far found around 150, from skint to cheers and loo to mate. According to an associate(…)

Ukraine debates status of Russian language

In Ukraine, they take their languages very seriously. A parliamentary debate descended into fisticuffs last week when lawmakers debated the country’s official language policy. The state language is Ukrainian, which is spoken by people predominantly in the centre and the west. It’s been proposed that Russian is elevated to a second language, equal to Ukrainian.(…)

“Cleaning up” the Russian language

Following in the footsteps of L’Academie francaise, Russian officials have launched a campaign to “clean up” the Russian language. Russia’s Education and Science Ministry has decided that words borrowed from other languages (loan words) are no longer permissible and Russian words should be used instead. In a project costing around US$150,000, they aim to revise(…)

Bilingual benefits

New research has shown that bilingual people find it easier to learn a third language, according to Science Daily. The study was conducted at the University of Haifa, and aimed to find out what, if any, benefits there were in being bilingual when learning another language. The researchers found it was easier for bilingual people(…)