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10 Of The Weirdest World Cup Chants Ever


The World Cup is on and countries break out celebrated chants for their teams in all native languages. You may think you know what you’re hearing (“Go team, go”) but translations reveal chants range from poetic and impassioned (“Sing and don’t cry”) to hilarious and rowdy (“With lukewarm tequila, we’ll be champions”).

5 Brilliant Brazilian Drinks–Just in Time for the #WorldCup!


If a vacation to Brazil is on your radar for this year, you’re probably focused on important things like making an itinerary, choosing your accommodations, and brushing up on your Portuguese. And while all of these are critically important, I’ve got another suggestion for you: Why not make a checklist of tasty drinks you’ll want(…)

Brazilian Kids Befriend US Retirees to Improve Their English: Why Conversation is Crucial for Language Learning


Reading and writing are key elements of the language learning process, but speaking is just as if not more important. Learning to speak a new language takes practice, confidence, and — most essentially — two-way interaction.  A touching video case-study that pairs Brazilian kids with elderly Americans illustrates how meaningful conversation is the best teaching tool.  

6 Incredible Tourist Activities in Rio


It’s practically guaranteed that any Brazilian vacation will be a hit. From beautiful beaches to thriving urban scenes to some of the most photographed attractions in the world, you have your pick of literally thousands upon thousands of places to visit in Rio de Janeiro alone. When it comes to planning a vacation, you’ll want(…)

Top 5 Child-Friendly Places to Visit in Rio de Janeiro


When most people think of Brazil they imagine never-ending parties, scantily clad women dancing in the street, and miles of crowded beaches. While it’s certainly easy to find all of those things, there are plenty of kid-friendly activities that make it an excellent destination for families, too. If you’re thinking about booking a family vacation(…)

10 Cities and Towns to Visit in Brazil


South America’s Brazil is not only the biggest country in the continent, but is also one of the most popular for visitors.  It has different varied landscapes and a plethora of incredible attractions.  Combining world-class beaches, pristine rainforests, lively cities, a passion for football, exciting carnivals, and more, a trip to Brazil is like no(…)